Time Lapse and Trailing Lights.

I love experimenting Time lapse and Long exposure photography. And these two categories require a lot of PATIENCE to get the best results and yes as usual the first few tries might be a failure but you need to keep trying till you get a good shot. As for time lapse, the first and the last thing is PATIENCE. You might have to click more than 500 or 1000 pictures, edit them and then make them into a movie. Easy ha? No, imagine setting up your camera, waiting for hours to get the pictures, spending hours on editing them and then making them into a movie, its not something that is easy. Anyways, below is my FIRST experiment in timelapse. This was done one night when I was stuck at home and was pretty much jobless. I clicked 250 pictures and then made a movie( I know 250 is way too less, I promise I will make a better and a longer one soon)

Technical info :

Camera- Canon EOS 1000d

Exposure: f/3.5, 1/5 sec., ISO-800

And yes now for the long exposure picture. The picture below was taken right before i started the time lapse shoot.

Exposure: f/14, 10 sec., ISO-100

Light trails

Light trails