March on…

Okay as promised in the previous post, I’m back again with another post. Well, this is a first.

So you all might now know that I have moved to Bangalore and the person who misses me the most other than my family is Doobai Zoo (Yes, that’s my best friend’s name, and of course I’m a drama queen so my friend’s gotta have a different name). So yeah, this girl who is extremely talented and chirpy and loves Japan more than herself is my best friend.

Posing with one of the few people who can handle me :)

Posing with one of the few people who can handle me 🙂

Well she was quite upset that I was leaving, but then we gotta March on ( All the Christites will know about it). And in Bangalore I met Pants and Eggs. Two completely crazy, bubbly girls filled with life, someone whom I started to like and connect after Zoo.

Being with them actually makes me happy because none of us think before we talk and we just start up random conversations. Now I’m lazy to type anymore so I’ll be posting about our shenanigans latah! Till then buh bye!!!

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