Experiencing Art

There was a art workshop conducted by Ms. Sujata Dharap in Manipal University, Dubai Campus on 29th April. It was organized by the Interior Designing department in order to help us know more about art and to change our perception about art.

Truth be told, I was pretty much nervous before going for the workshop as it was my first art workshop and we were asked to bring paints and pastels. Paints and I never got along well in the past, so I was a bit tensed as to what we would be asked to do.

Now about the artist, Ms. Sujata Dharap is a very famous artist from India who has done around 22 shows and has designed 150 murals. She is a very simple and a jovial person who explained to us in simple terms what art meant to her and how we should conceive and perceive art in our own ways. Check out her work on her website – http://sujatadharap.com/

We were given a few exercises which helped in understanding more about shapes, textures and colours. The first exercise given to us was to draw random shapes with the same beginning and ending point and then we moved on to drawing faces and other shapes without lifting the pencils (this was the most interesting exercise in the whole workshop!)

The Random Shapes Exercise!

Doodle Time!

Also we played with pastels where we were asked to draw a landscape and to colour each element in the colour we like and not the original colour, i.e. She asked to colour give any colour to the leaves except green.

Then she gave us the last exercise where we were divided into groups of three and was asked to draw random lines, shapes, strokes etc and to paint and see meaning in it. Since Ms.Dharap believes in painting and seeing rather than seeing and painting. My team partners were my classmate Sneha Wadhwani and my best friend Anzuma Akther (who is just as bad at painting as I am). We were quite confused in the beginning as to what we should draw and how to paint. But then as we continued drawing we started getting ideas and those ideas developed more and helped us give meaning to each shape.

The abstract art piece

Then we put all the paintings together and Boy! what a sight that was! Though all our work was entirely different from each other, it looked like a long painting based on a theme. Check out the pic below!

And the final collage!

The criteria for these paintings were that we were only allowed to use the primary colours, black and white. This was one workshop I would never forgetwhich actually gave me confidence in trying my hand in painting!

Group photo session with artist Sujata Dharap