Life just got in my way.

So its been almost a year since my last post where I told you that I will be uploading pictures from my last visit to India. Well, you might have just come to the conclusion that I’m just another lazy A**. But a lot of things happened after My vacation last year. First, a job that made me realize the value of time. Second, my decision to move to India to do my Masters in Mass Communication at Christ University.

Bengaluru,  Namma Bengaluru. The the place I will be staying for the next two years (hopefully) till I complete my Masters degree. Moving to Bangalore from Abu Dhabi was like a whole transplantation for me. I was like a plant that was uprooted and planted elsewhere in the hope that I would grow and blossom again.

And so I reached Bangalore in June in hopes of starting a new phase of my life. To be honest the city freaked me out. Now you may wonder why would my own country freak me out; well firstly we have the traffic which is simply crazy. The cars hopping from one lane to another, new lanes being made by the ‘two-wheelers’ and the people abusing each other at every five minutes. Please don’t think that I’m the spoilt brat complaining about how bad my country is- No, as someone who grew up watching the traffic go in a very peaceful order and where most of the people followed the rules this was something new to adjust.

One incredible thing about Bangalore is that this city is indeed very welcoming. Language is not a problem in Bangalore- trust me on this, you WILL find someone who speaks your mother tongue here. But beware of the Auto Wallas and the Bus conductors. One lesson I learnt a week after coming here is that fix the price before you get in an auto; otherwise you might end up paying a hefty price. And oh! the bus conductors who reaches every nook and corner in the bus (even if the bus is crowded up to a point where you can’t even breathe properly). Don’t forget to follow up for your change as they tend to ‘forget’ to return your money.

As someone who grew up in a multi-cultural society, this shift was not that different. I meet people from different places and we all get together well. There is something about Bangalore that makes you stay here. Maybe it’s the climate (it’s more unpredictable than a woman) or the fact that it’s a cultural hub (totally love the ethnic diversity here) or the truth that this beautiful city is home to thousands of ‘youngsters’ like me who came here leaving their families and home to make a life.

Next post : About my new Uni, new friends and the changes the decision to move to India brought in me. And of course Pictures!

One thought on “Life just got in my way.

  1. Well, it’s quite refreshing to go through this post. The post acts as a breather in a life where we are hustling in the day to day life to get that ‘something’ which we are unaware of that. In the cat and mouse race we strive for excellence and virtual happiness at the cost of real stuffs like friends, family and hobbies. However, when the time comes to reflect on our deeds, we find we have got almost everything but hardly those people with whom we want to live that moment. The above post fills up that gap… 🙂

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