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I have always been fond of science fiction, whether its movies or books. These movies have two worlds that are parallel to each other – the virtual world and the real world. And most of the movies have the same concept ;the computers becoming sentient and taking over humans and a group of intelligent, strong and smart humans fighting against the computers.

Two movies that I would like to compare are ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Tron: Legacy’ ( I haven’t got a chance to watch the old Tron).

These two movies have got every element to satisfy the sci-fi audience: action, music, attractive actors, extremely good graphics, fighters in tight lycra suits etc.

Both these movies are similar in a lot of ways :

1. There is a virtual reality – The Grid and The Matrix

2. The protagonists( Sam Flynn and Neo) has a tough time in the beginning because they do not know what is going, who to trust etc. and gets help from a mentor who is with them till the end ( Kevin Flynn and Morpheus)

3. The anti-protagonists wants the same thing – to take over the virtual reality (CLU and Agent Smith)

And yes! the love interests – Quorra and Trinity.

The Good Guys of Tron: Legacy

The Good Guys of Tron: Legacy

The Good Guys of Matrix

The Good Guys of Matrix

Though the Matrix and Tron are similar in a lot of ways, the execution of these movies are extremely different. I LOVE the Matrix trilogy, the first movie was released when I was a kid, and to understand the whole computer taking over humans concept was hard for me to understand. The Matrix has A LOT of Kung fu, Judo, Guns, guns and guns. Also there are points where we get the feeling that religion, hope and faith is being mentioned , the prophecy is mentioned,Neo is said to be the One, he sacrifices his life for the entire humankind etc. where as in Tron we are taken to a another level where they introduce ISOs, the programs that can adapt and change unlike the others that are created by Flynn.

But then whatever the similarities or the differences are, both these movies just like the other sci-fi movies ended making the audience feel whether they are int he real world or the virtual reality.

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